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Dental Care in Louisville - Cosmetic Dentistry


Crowns & Bridges:

Count on the experts at Hillview Family Dentistry for all your dental needs. Whether you have a tooth that is broken down due to decay or have a large metal filling that needs to be replaced, we're ready to assist you. A white porcelain crown can be used to restory that tooth bath to its prominence. White porcelain crowns provide strength and natural appearance where little tooth structure remains.


In addition, white porcelain crowns can be used to cove space where a tooth has been lost. By fusing porcelain crowns together, they form what is called a bridge that brings a natural appearance and function back into that space. The newest innovation is the new Bruxsier crowns made of cubic zirconia. Just watch the video to see it's strength! Crowns are excellent restorations and have few disadvantages. Contact our Louisville dentist for more details about our cosmetic dentistry services.


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