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Sedation at Hillview Family Dentistry is EASY!

Dental Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas N2O)


Are you and anxious patient?  You are not alone.  Over 50 million American avoid the dentist because of fear, according to the American Dental Assoication.


We are here to help you overcome your fear of having treatment and one common method is nitrous oxide.  


Nitrous Oxide is best suited for cases of mild to moderate anxiety and is the most frequently used method.  Administered through an inhaler that releases gas you will feel the effect within minutes. And best of all when the procedure is completed the effects wear off in just minutes.


With your next visit mention to us that you would like to try nitrous oxide .



Oral Medication


Oral sedation is the second most common procedure to control patients anxiety.  It is as easy as taking a pill.  That's all!  After completeing a full dental exam and review of your medical history Dr. Michael Becker can prescribe anti-anxiety medication that will allow you to relax during your next visit. 


However, with this form of sedation patients must have an escort for that visit and will not be allowed to return to work or drive that day.  

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