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Dental Implants:

Implants, implants, implants, they are the talk of the dental community.  What are they? Do I qualify for implants?  How much do they cost?  These are the first questions we receive when we mention implants as a part of a patient’s treatment plan.














Implants consists of two parts.  A titanium screw component that is surgically placed in your bone and over time adheres itself to the bone. Secondly, a crown is then attached to the screw restoring your tooth to fully working order.


Requirements to have implants involve space both vertically and horizontally.  The best way to avoid having these problems is to have the implant placed when the tooth is removed. 


A variety of options are available for implants that allow for multiple cost results.  The best way is to receive a treatment plan and use one of our cost effective payment plans. Contact Hillview Family Dentistry for more details about our dental implants.

Tooth Diagram, Dental Implants Hillview
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