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Louisville Hillview Family Dentistry



Sometimes teeth have received a lot of damage over the many years and are required to be removed.  Several options are available to replace your teeth. One option is a naturally appearing set of dentures. 

Dentures are made from a combination of pink acrylic and white hard plastic teeth. 

Commonly the upper set adheres well to the contours of your mouth and move slightly.  However, this is not so for the lower set.  Commonly the lower set is never as stable as the upper and over time become more and more loose with the recession of bone.

In order to keep denture adhering well to the constant changing anatomy of you mouth dentures should be remade every five years.  If the lower denture is your problem having either mini implants or regular implants placed will add great stability.  Which implant system is best for you depends on the anatomy and bone structure remaining.  

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